Best Waterpik Water Flosser, Tried-and-Tested

Best Waterpik Water Flosser 2015

Waterpik is one of the most — if not the most — established brands of water flossers in the world. With every product the brand has released, you’re sure to have something innovative to be impressed with.

There are countless models of Waterpik water flossers available today. But unfortunately, not all of them sit well among consumers. Case in point: Cordless Rechargeable WP-360W.

In this article, we give you only the best Waterpik models as rated by consumers themselves.

In a hurry? Check out this catalogue of the best Waterpik water flossers.

Why Waterpik?

– An established name. One of the oldest Waterpik flosser was introduced in the 60s, which makes the brand an authority in the business.

– An array of models to choose from. From shower flossers to countertop models, you’ll never run out of Waterpik water flossers to choose from. Aside from that, you can also choose from other specialty products which are especially designed for a purpose. For instance, the Waterpik WP260 is designed for kids while the Waterpik WP-300 is for the person who constantly travels.

– Constant innovation. Judging from the features, Waterpik was several innovations that you can’t see in other brands.

– Almost 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Although most of Waterpik’s products are best-sellers and have received positive ratings, a few have been given less than stellar ratings.

– Has scientific backing. Best of all, Waterpik has been tested several times even by independent researchers. For instance, the Waterpik Ultra has been compared with the Philips’ Airfloss by researchers back in 2006. It was concluded that Waterpik performs better than the Airfloss.

Features Unique to Waterpik

We’ve constantly monitored all brands that display their water flossers in online catalogues and stores. And while they have similarities with Waterpik, Waterpik has some features unique to it. Here are the primary ones.

– water pressure settings from 10 to 90 PSI with 1,400 pulses per minute
– finger-tip easy pressure control
– LED display
– pulsation mode technology (Floss Mode and Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode)
– 90-seconds of water capacity use
– 1-minute timer with 30-second pacer

Types of Waterpik Water Flossers Available

There are four types of Waterpik flossers that you can readily purchase online.

– Countertops

The most common and the one with the most number of models, countertops are electric-powered water flossers that you can place on your sink. It has a water tank or reservoir which you can fill (or refill) with a certain amount of water and / or mouthwash. It’s complete with at least two types of tips (jet tips and tongue scraper), a control for adjusting the water pressure, and an ergonomic handle.

See all Waterpik countertops here.

– Showerpik

This shower flosser is classified by Waterpik as a specialty flosser alongside other models such as the traveler’s flosser and children’s flosser.

As a shower flosser, the Showerpik is installed in the shower. It doesn’t have a water tank because it directly connects to the shower. That said, refills are eliminated.

– Battery-operated or cordless flosser

This is a new Waterpik product. It is compact, light, and portable so it’s ideal for travelers. See all Waterpik cordless water flossers here.

– Combo

Some items come with two types of Waterpik products. For instance, the WP-900 Complete Care consists of an electric toothbrush and a water flosser.

What’s the Best Waterpik Water Flosser 2015?

Based on the available consumer reviews, ratings, and feedback that we gathered. The following are the best Waterpik water flossers for this year.

1. Waterpik Aquarius (WP-660)

From its sleek appearance up to its newly improved features, the Aquarius has gained the approval of customers who tried and tested it. This was introduced early last year. Since then, it has sold many units.

Why is this the best this year? Because it’s the most advanced water flosser in the world. It has an LED display, a compact design, seven water flosser tips, optimum pressure control, convenient handle control, and a one-minute timer.

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Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water FlosserWaterpik WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water FlosserCHECK PRICE


2. Waterpik Ultra WP-100

The Ultra is one of the oldest Waterpik models, but it has continued to be a best-seller. In fact, it has been rated highly consistently and has been purchased by a significant number of buyers. This is one of the top reasons why the Ultra is still one of the best Waterpik products ever.

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