Dentive Professional Aquarius Water Flosser Review (DT001G)

Dentive Professional Aquarius Water Flosser Review (DT001G)

There are slight variations, but it’s pretty obvious that the Dentive DT001G is a Waterpik Aquarius lookalike. It’s also a countertop water flosser, has a transparent water tank, comes with an adjustable pressure setting, and comes with multiple tips.

Here’s the big question: Should you get one? Or should you just stick with the Aquarius? Let’s answer that in this Dentive Professional Aquarius water flosser review.

Key Features of the Dentive DT001G

First, let’s quickly list down the main features of the Dentive DT001G.

Waterproof. This water flosser has been given a waterproof rating of IPX7. Meaning, it still functions well even after it’s accidentally immersed in water up to 1 meter.

Water Tank. The Dentive DT001G has a transparent and removable reservoir with an 800-ml capacity. This should give you up to 2 minutes of floss time.

Water Pressure Levels. Choose from 10 water pressure levels. You can make the adjustment by simply twisting the large knob located in front.

Handle. The handle has three main parts. One, it has a water-pause button. Two, it comes with a tip-release button for easily tip replacement. Three, it has a rotatable tip base.

Tips. Included are 7 different tips – 3 classic jet tips, 1 pik pocket tip, 1 plaque seeker tip, and 1 orthodontic tip. The tips have their own storage rack located at the side of the unit.

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What Consumers Say About the Dentive DT001G

Here’s a summary of what we discovered about the product.

One of the biggest downsides mentioned by previous buyers is that the Dentive DT001G leaks, which is a big turn-off. And as pointed out by one consumer, it’s also “noisier” than the competition. Also compared to the Waterpik Aquarius, this one is made of thinner plastic.

But when it works, the pressure levels are satisfactory, and at full throttle, it releases a powerful stream of water.

Bottomline: Dentive Professional Aquarius Water Flosser Review

Do we recommend it? Nope.

We say stick to the Waterpik Aquarius. Sure, the Dentive DT001G is cheaper, but it didn’t sit well among consumers because it leaks, and it’s made of lower-quality materials.