H2ofloss HF-8 Review, Professional Oral Irrigator

H2ofloss HF-8 Review

The H2ofloss HF-8 is a countertop water flosser with a transparent 800-ml reservoir. Beside the tank is a covered container for your tips. As advertised, this unit also comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating, and included are 12 tips.

Here’s the big question. Is the H2ofloss HF-8 well-received by previous buyers just like with the H2ofloss HF-3 Premium? Let’s answer that in this H2ofloss HF-8 review.

Key Features of the H2ofloss HF-8

Here’s what to expect.

Water Reservoir + Tip Storage. The top part of the unit is divided into two sections. On the right is a removable 800-ml water tank, and on the left is especially created to store the tips. Both these parts come with a separate cover, ensuring that no dust gets inside.

Handle. The handle of the H2ofloss HF-8 has a slide-on knob that allows you to control the pressure of the water pulse. It also comes with a pause button, a control knob to rotate the tip to a total of 360 degrees, and a tip eject button to easily replace the tip.

Tips. Included in the package are 12 multifunctional tips, which are the following: 4 jet tips, 2 periodontal tips, 2 orthodontic tips, 2 tongue-cleaning tips, 1 nasal tip (water spray), and 1 nasal tip (water column).

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Consumer Feedback

How did the H2ofloss HF-8 fare among previous buyers? Here’s a summary of what we found out.

Cleaning. It’s easy to clean. The reservoir can be taken off easily and be returned in place just as easily.

Noise. If all the parts are intact, the sound this water flosser makes should be comparable with the sound an electric toothbrush makes. Some people who have owned Waterpik water flossers in the past are surprised that the H2ofloss HF-8 is quieter.

One person also observes that it produces more noise when it’s running out of water. If it’s unusually loud, it’s best to contact the manufacturers for a possible replacement.

Performance. It’s pretty powerful, and it holds plenty of water. Some people even said that it’s better than the Waterpik flossers they owned. It’s cheaper, too.

Issues. Some of the most common issues that some people have encountered with this water flosser include the following – leaks and durability problems (i.e., stopped working after less than 1 year).

Bottomline: H2ofloss HF-8 Review

If you’re looking for a cheaper Waterpik alternative that does what it intends to do, then consider buying the H2ofloss HF-8. If you receive a good unit, or one that is intact, it should have plenty of power, and it gets the job done in less than one minute.