Jumbl Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Review (JUMPO1F01)

Jumbl Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Review (JUMPO1F01)

Although it’s not a new concept, Jumbl’s 3 operating (or irrigating) modes seem like these are collectively the product’s stand out features. As advertised, the three modes include the Normal, Soft, and Pulse modes which have distinct functions.

Use the Normal mode for general tooth and gum cleaning, the Soft mode for a reduced-intensity gum and dental cleaning, or the Pulse mode for cleaning and massaging the gums.

As if that’s not impressive enough, the Jumbl oral irrigator weighs only 1.1 pounds and has a compact design (2 x 2.8 x 11 inches). It’s therefore perfect for travel and everyday use. It’s lightweight and doesn’t consume space.

But the question is, is the Jumbl more than just a good idea? In other words, does it deliver what it says it does? Let’s find out in this Jumbl rechargeable oral irrigator review.

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Our Analysis of the JUMOF01 Based on Consumer Feedback

To answer the questions posted above, we’ve gone through the feedback and comments provided by consumers who bought and used the Jumbl. This section features our analysis of this oral irrigator’s performance.

Maintenance. As several of the consumers have noted, do not skip the instructions because they contain useful tips to make sure this oral irrigator lasts. One of these important trips is to empty the water tank to prevent buildup of bacteria and molds. Aside from that, one consumer said that you need to rinse out a small tube and a tube that helps pump up water and a metal filter mesh to keep them free from mineral deposits.

Portability. This oral irrigator has a small footprint so it doesn’t take up too much space on the bathroom sink or counter. Also, you can easily take it anywhere with you when you travel or take a long vacation.

Ease of Use. The general consensus is that the Jumbl oral irrigator is easy to use, easy to charge, and easy to fill (or refill) with water. Praises were given to the transparent fill tank. It can be easily taken out from the device and helps you fill the unit and prevent from over-flowing.

Water Tank. There are opposing feedback as regards the capacity of the water tank (or how much water it can hold). While some are satisfied with it, saying that it holds “just enough water to last one flossing,” others don’t agree.

Charging. As previously mentioned, this oral irrigator can be easily charged, and consumers in general love the fact that it’s rechargeable. Plus, it can remain charged for a long time. As one consumer has experienced, the charge for his unit lasts about 3 weeks with daily use. The only disadvantage is that this water flosser’s charger comes with a cap that can get lost easily.

Performance. The general consensus is that consumers are happy with their Jumbl. Some phrases used by buyers to describe its performance include the following:

  • “worked very well”
  • “good job of water flossing my teeth
  • “really cleans my gums and teeth well”
  • “better than my last”
  • “really works well”
  • “has plenty of power”
  • “beats the similar styled Waterpik by leaps and bounds”


The Jumbl oral irrigator does what it’s supposed to do — efficiently and effectively cleans gums and teeth. It’s also easy to use, easy to charge, easy to fill, and easy to pack.

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