Matwave V-20G Water Flosser Review

Matwave V-20G Water Flosser Review

Matwave V-20G – Water Flosser for the Whole Family

To start, Matwave V-20G is also called Cleanpro V-20G or Kelinbeier V-20G.

It’s a countertop water flosser that stands out not only because of its distinct built, but also because of its features.

Manufactured by Matwave Technologies, Inc., the V-20G comes with 9 tips (3 standard, 2 orthodontics, 2 tongue scaper, and 2 periodontal tips), which makes it the ideal water flosser for a big family.

In this review, we examine whether or not this product is worth your money.

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Matwave V-20G Water Flosser ReviewKey features and parts of the V-20G include:

– 9 tips
– 1 accessory box
– transparent water tank, 30 oz. capacity
– 100-240V power supply
– 1-touch operation
– LED display
– 10 segment settings
– 16W power consumption
– 2-year warranty

Key benefits of the product include:

Because the V-20G has an extra-large water reservoir, too many refills that waste your precious time are eliminated. Plus, this makes sure that two or three people can use this water flosser in one refill.

Next, the LED display not only displays accurate and easy-to-read readings, but it also adds to the professional look of the product.

If you’re looking for a product that is a total energy server, the V-20G consumes only 16 watts of power — or even less.

The best part is, the 2-year warranty is one of the best warranties offered by a water flosser manufacturer these days. It’s a product replacement warranty, so if the product fails anytime during the warranty period, the seller will give you a new unit — no questions asked.
matwave v20g compartments matwave v20g led display

Consumer Feedback and Review

The Matwave V-20G has received a high rating from consumers.  Among the key feedback given by consumers include the following:

– The two-year warranty is a nice bonus. This makes consumers feel that the sellers are confident about their product.

– Compared with Waterpik products, the Cleanpro V-20G is much quieter.

– The water tank is also an added bonus, which means it can give you more time for flossing without having to refill after only a short period of time.

– The one-touch operation is “smart.” It remembers your previous settings, and it applies them when you turn it on again.

– Another good thing about the V-20G is that the control panel is completely sealed, which makes it impervious to water or any type of liquid.

– The magnetic attachment makes this water flosser very easy to clean and maintain. You also don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled.

– The 9 tips means your whole family can only have one water flosser. This saves you money.

VERDICT: Matwave V-20G Has More Features Than Many Water Flossers

The consumers have spoken. The Matwave V-20G is one of the most technologically advanced countertop water flossers out there. From the words of one consumer, it has a better built than a Waterpik. Plus, there is no water flosser that has a larger water tank or that many flosser tips than the V-20G.

This product is for you if you’re looking for a Waterpik alternative that can be used by the whole family.

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