RediBreeze vs QuickBreeze Oral Irrigator: What’s the Difference?

RediBreeze vs QuickBreeze Oral Irrigator

Both of these oral irrigators have been given a stellar rating, but how different are the RediBreeze and QuickBreeze?

In a nutshell, the difference lies in the detachability of the product from the faucet. QuickBreeze is detachable while RediBreeze has a more permanent installation.

Aside from that, the QuickBreeze has no valve to control the water while the RediBreeze comes with a flow control valve.

How does this valve work? In the regular position, the valve works just like a normal faucet. But when you switch it on, it diverts water into the oral irrigator’s hose so you can use it.

Other that those differences, these faucet water flossers share similar or the same features.

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Some Basic Facts About the RediBreeze

RediBreeze  We’ve already done a review on the QuickBreeze, and the general consensus is that it’s an inexpensive, yet effective water flosser. Will the RediBreeze share the same positive feedback?

First, we give you some basic facts about the RediBreeze.

– It’s made in America.

– When you unbox the product, you should get the following: valve, 2 colored tips, tip holder, hose holder, and a 24-inch hose.

– Aside from those mentioned above, you should get 4 adaptors – one female and 3 brass adaptors.

– Unlike countertops, the RediBreeze doesn’t require too much space. It doesn’t have a reservoir and doesn’t need electricity to function.

RediBreeze Review: Consumer Feedback and Rating

When reviewing the RediBreeze, consumers couldn’t help but compare this oral irrigator with other well-known brands of countertop such as the Waterpik.

Here are the pros and cons of the RediBreeze summarized from consumer feedback.

– The RediBreeze lacks a reservoir, which can be both an advantage or disadvantage. For instance, it doesn’t need refills. At the same time, you can’t rely on it if you want to add mouthwash.

– When it comes to regulating the water pressure, this process is done manually unlike countertop water flossers.

– This is easy to install.

– It saves space, and you don’t have to worry about electric shock.

– The flip switch design / control valve gives you more control of the water as compared to the QuickBreeze.

RediBreeze vs QuickBreeze: Which One Should You Buy?

Both products are from the same manufacturer, Oral Breeze, Inc. They are simple to use, take up less space, and use no electricity. Plus, they’ve been given a stellar rating from consumers.

BUT… if you want more control of your water pressure, you may want to get the RediBreeze because it has a flow control valve.

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