Shower Water Flossers – Take Care of Your Oral Health in the Shower

Shower Water Flossers – Take Care of Your Oral Health in the Shower

Shower water flossers, anyone?

Do you enjoy flossing or brushing your teeth in the shower? If so, consider having a water flosser that’s designed to take care of your oral health while you shower. This device is attached to the shower head, so it eliminates the need for water refill. It has a tip (the quantity depends on the brand), but it doesn’t have a water reservoir.

While there is no exact name for this type of water flossers, you can call them “Showerpik” (for Waterpik), “shower oral irrigator,” or “showerfloss.”

Brands of Shower Water Flossers

According to my research, there are four brands /companies offering shower oral irrigators. These are the following:

– Waterpik
– Oral Breeze
– Health and Hygiene, Inc.
– Hydrocare

All these brands hold certain promises, but consumers have given them different ratings and feedback. In the following section, let’s see how these water flossers have fared among consumers. Let’s also consider what they — and probably you — want in a showerfloss to understand why they have given these ratings / scores.

Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik

Some of the features of this flosser include 2 jet tips (which makes it ideal for couples), a hose diverter, a hygienic tip cover, and easy-installment.

Here’s what consumers have to say about the product.

– tighter gums in 4 weeks
– battery lasts a week before recharging
– does not take up too much space unlike the tabletop water flossers
– no splash on your clothes or mirror
– strong water stream

– some say they had issues with the installation
– some reported leaks after 6 months

ShowerBreeze w/ 6′ Hose Water Jet Dental Irrigator

– hose is connected firmly; doesn’t come lose easily
– easy installation; no tools necessary
– also great for cleaning “nooks and crannies” in the shower

– counter-water flosser users would want to have “a little higher pressure.”
– some reported leaks and difficulty of installation
– not as powerful as counter-water flossers

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Dental Shower H2Oral Irrigator Floss

– easy installation
– simple to use (it’s as good as turning on the shower and adjusting the knob)
– low cost
– no mess

– no pulse option
– no shower shut-off
– not as powerful as the counter-models
– only one kind of tip

Oral Irrigator by Hydrocare

As you can see, this brand is the only one on the list that’s not reviewed by consumers yet (as of this writing). But when it comes to price, it’s comparable with Dental Shower’s and ShowerBreeze’s.

VIDEO: How a Shower Water Flosser Work

Below is a video of Waterpik’s Showerpik water flosser. See how the device works in the shower.