ShowerBreeze Hose Oral Irrigator vs WP-480 Showerpik

ShowerBreeze Hose Oral Irrigator vs WP-480 Showerpik

In one of our posts, we presented you with the brands of shower water flossers you’ll most likely find on the market. Currently, there are four brands, but among these names, two stand out – the ShowerBreeze and the Showerpik.

ShowerBreeze is a simple and inexpensive shower flosser, while Showerpik has more features. In this article, there’s a comparison chart that you can use to compare these two. Also, there’s an in-depth review for each product so you’ll know first-hand consumer experience.

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Comparison Table: ShowerBreeze Hose Oral Irrigator vs WP-480 Showerpik

Shower water flossers have at least three main advantages over countertops. First, they do not require refills. Second, you’ll save on energy costs. Third, they address storage issues.

Here’s a chart comparing ShowerBreeze and Showerpik.

Type shower water flossershower water flosser
Model NumberWP-480W SB3 or SB6
Tip Holderyesyes
Battery Packyesno
Chrome Diverteryesno
Pressure Controlyesno

WP-480 Showerpik Review

showerpikCompared with the ShowerBreeze, the WP-480 Showerpik has more features. For instance, it comes with a water-proof handle. This helps control the pressure. It also has a 2-way chrome shower diverter, which allows you to shift from “shower only” to “shower with water flosser.”

Feature-wise, Showerpik trumps ShowerBreeze. But is this product well-received by consumers? Were the benefits these features promise provided?

Some feedback (pros and cons) that you should know include:

– It produces very strong water stream.
– The battery lasts 7 to 10 days when used daily by two people.
– The water pik hose is quite long. It measures 3 to 4 feet.
– Some people wished the pipe fittings were made of metal and not plastic. But as one consumer has pointed out, that’s what “90% of showerheads come with these days.” Just make sure not to overtighten.

Here’s a video showing you how to install the Waterpik Showerpik.

ShowerBreeze Hose Oral Irrigator Review

showerbreezeThe ShowerBreeze hose oral irrigator is about twice less expensive than Showerpik. It is also less sophisticated, but it’s easy to install.

Does the ShowerBreeze sit well with consumers?

Yes. We’ve checked the feedback given to both SB3 (3 ft. hose) and SB6 (6 ft. hose), and the scores are good — at least 4.0 out of a perfect score of 5.0 over at Amazon.

Here’s what consumers have said about their ShowerBreeze.

– For users used to their countertops, you may find the ShowerBreeze to have less pressure.
– One consumer says he uses it for his dog. That said, it also works for pets.
– Another consumer says she uses it to spray on her toes.
– Installation is a breeze.
– Regarding effectiveness, consumers who have had their dental checkup after using the ShowerBreeze say their dentist noticed an improvement.

Here’s a video made by a consumer demonstrating how ShowerBreeze works.

Verdict: ShowerBreeze is Better than Showerpik

Based on the consumer ratings and consumer feedback, it seems that ShowerBreeze is better than Showerpik.

Combining the feedback given to the 6′ and 3′ ShowerBreeze and the Showerpik, we can say that ShowerBreeze has a higher rating than ShowerBreeze.

And as what a consumer has pointed out, the ShowerBreeze has metal threads, it’s analog so it has “infinite settings,” and there are not a lot of parts that confuse you with installation.

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