ToiletTree F-TTP-OI-3 Countertop Flosser Review

ToiletTree F-TTP-OI-3 Countertop Flosser Review

In another review, we gave the ToiletTree TTP-Pro2000w (a cordless water flosser) high marks. In fact, we listed it as the best battery-operated oral irrigator on the market today.

Can we say the same thing about another ToiletTree oral care product, the F-TTP-OI-3? In this ToiletTree F-TTP-OI-3 countertop flosser review, we answer this question.

The F-TTP-OI-3 is a countertop water flosser that weighs 2.5 pounds. It has a light-blue, transparent water tank that you can invert for easy storage. It is compatible with 5 different types of tips. Aside from that, it also has a built-in storage for the extra nozzle tips. Also, this water flosser has a water tank wich a 54-oz capacity.

Here are other things you need to know about the F-TTP-OI-3.

– It’s made in China.
– It comes with 4 regular tips and 1 tongue cleaner.
– It has 4 settings.
– It delivers a water pressure from 0 to 90 PSI.

Summarized Consumer Feedback, Pros and Cons

F-TTP-OI-3 water flosserIn this section, we present a summarized list of consumer feedback on the F-TTP-OI-3 water flosser.

– The size of the tank can fill more than enough water.
– It’s easy to use.
– The jet stream produced has enough power to give you a good thorough cleaning.

– Although the water tank houses more than enough water, you may find it “oversized,” to use one buyer’s word. Plus, the size of the tank can take up a lot of space on the sink.
– The tank doesn’t have a lid. It means you need to flip it over every after use. If you prefer something with a cover, this can be a disadvantage.


The F-TTP-OI-3 countertop water flosser is not top-rated as compared with other devices. Although it may be powerful enough to give you a good cleaning, you may find it oversized what with the size of the water tank.

Learn more about the F-TTP-OI-3 here. Or read more about reviews of other water flossers.


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