ToiletTree Products vs Jumbl vs HealthPro Oral Irrigator

ToiletTree Products vs Jumbl vs HealthPro Oral Irrigator

The oral irrigators headlined above look alike. BUT…they’re different in a few ways. In this article, we give you their differences.

The Basics

ToiletTree Products vs Jumbl vs HealthPro Oral IrrigatorWhen it comes to shape, ToiletTree Products, Jumbl, and Wellness HealthPro have the same style. They have a curved, S-shaped body that gets smaller from the base up.

The body’s front side has two buttons — one that lets you turn the unit on or off, and another that lets you select the operating mode of your choice. And whichever you’ve selected — “Normal,” “Soft,” or “Pulse” — an indicator light shows your choice.

The back part of the body is where the water tank is. You can slide it open, or you can pop the opening to fill it with water.

The tips or nozzles can be removed by simply twisting them, or in the case of ToiletTree Products, by simply pressing the release button. These tips are color-coded, which make them ideal for multiple users.

All these units are rechargeable, so they should come with a charger. Simply plug the charger into an outlet, connect it to the unit, and the charging should start almost immediately.

Comparison Chart: ToiletTree Products vs Jumbl vs HealthPro Oral Irrigator

The chart below gives you a bird’s-eye view of the ToiletTree Products, Jumbl, and HealthPro oral irrigator. Are they really different, or they’re cut from the same cloth?

Shipping Weight1 lb.1.1 pounds15.5 ounces
Colors Availablewhite, bright white, midnight blackwhitewhite
Water Tank Capacity (approximation from consumers)about 4 ounces (1/2 cup)2/3 cup or 5.3 ouncesabout 3 cups
# of Tips Included222
Voltage of Chargeruniversal voltage, 100 to 240Vuniversal voltage110v

As you can see in the chart above, there’s not much any difference as regards the features of the oral irrigators.

Other Brands with a Similar Design

Typing the word “oral irrigator” on Amazon yields a variety of products from different brands. While many of these brands are established manufacturers (e.g., Waterpik and Panasonic), some are not.

Here’s a list of other oral irrigators that look like the ones offered by ToiletTree, Jumbl, an HealthPro. (Related: Jumbl Oral Irrigator Review)