ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator Review

ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator Review

ViaJet Pro Irrigator, OraTec’s Pride

Oral irrigation is the term OraTec used to associate the ViaJet Pro Irrigator with cleaning teeth and gums. But in essence, it’s still a water flosser. After all, it does what all water flossers do – clean the spaces that ordinary toothbrushes and flosses can’t reach.

And just like water flossers, this product promises the following:

– improves blood circulation by its massaging action
– flushes away food particles that harbor harmful bacteria
– helps prevent (or treat) dental conditions such as gingivitis

But does the ViaJet Pro Irrigator fulfill its promise? In this ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator review, we take a look at the feedback that consumers over at Amazon have provided.

ViaJet Pro Irrigator Pros and Cons

Viajet Pro GlowFirst up, what are the features of this product?

From their website, OraTec’s ViaJet Pro Irrigator has the following impressive functions and features.

– Variable water pressure
Users can choose from four pressure options. Although these pressure options do not come with an exact measurement, you can still choose from high thru low options. With 1,200 pulses/minute, the product gives off a gentle spray that massages the gums.

– Fingertip handle control
The fingertip is equipped with a sliding switch should you want to turn the machine off at any time during the flossing process.

– Reservoir
Described as “nearly break-proof,” the product’s reservoir has a 500-ml capacity with a flip-top cover. It has an attractive, see-through blue color which can hide most chemical stains, yet transparent enough to see the solution inside.

– Tips
There are 4 tips, color-coded for 4 users. It also has an optional cannula adaptor, an ultra-slim tip that can irrigate all the way to even the deepest pockets.

See the unboxing of a ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator below.

Here are the pros and cons about the ViaJet Pro Irrigator, collected from consumer feedback and review from Amazon.

– lasts a long time
– portable enough for traveling
– strong motor
– helps reduce tartar and dental problems
– comparable with professional cleaning
– easy to use, tank is easy to fill
– water is enough for one session
– has a water pressure control unlike other brands

ViaJet Pro Irrigator Pros

– only available online, Waterpik and Sonic products dominate local stores
– a little noisier to some reviewers
– can have problems with leakage
– has poor ergonomics

ViaJet Pro Irrigator Cons

ViaJet Pro Irrigator Review: Should You Buy This Product?

The ViaJet Pro Irrigator has been given an average rating of 4.5 (out of a perfect score of 5.0) at Amazon. There are 52 reviews as of this writing, and you can VERIFY these REVIEWS at Amazon here.

That said, the ViaJet Pro Irrigator – though it’s not a perfect product as what other reviewers have pointed out – seems like a good purchase.

ViaJet Pro Irrigator Rating

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