Waterpik Platinum Water Flosser Review

Waterpik Platinum Water Flosser Review

One of the newest products of Waterpik, the Waterpik Platinum water flosser veers away from the usual blue-and-white exterior that we’re used to seeing with Waterpik products. It features a clean, grey-and-white appearance, six unique tips, and the same promise of removing 99.9% of plaque.

In this review, we report what consumers are saying about this product. Is it worth your money? We attempt to answer this question and more, so read through this review to find out.

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Features and Specs of the Waterpik Platinum

waterpik platinum water flosserThe Waterpik Platinum looks very similar with the Ultra Water Flosser. But the obvious difference is the color. The Ultra has a blue exterior, while the Platinum has a grey color. Also, as one consumer has pointed out, the Platinum has two additional tips.

Other major features of the Platinum include the following:

  • 10 pressure settings
  • 20% smaller footprint
  • tip compartment for easy organization
  • six unique tips + 2 classic jet tips

One advantage of this waterflosser is that, with two additional jet tips, a family of 4 can use it without having to buy another unit. So if you’d like to save money, this flosser is perfect for your family.

PROS and CONS of the Platinum Flosser

Since this product is similar with the Ultra, it also has a similar PROS and CONS, except for the advantage discussed in the features section of this review.


  • people who want another color than blue love the new color
  • smaller, so it addresses space issues
  • quieter than previous models
  • still as effective as the other models
  • one consumer said this could also be used for ear wax cleaning


  • the other tips may not be needed
  • has a smaller water reservoir

Waterpik Platinum Water Flosser Review: Compact, Still Effective

If you’re looking for a smaller and a professional-looking, yet still effective water flosser from Waterpik, consider getting the Platinum Water Flosser. 

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