Waterpik Ultra (WP-100) Water Flosser Review

Waterpik Ultra (WP-100) Water Flosser Review

One of the most popular products of Waterpik is the Waterpik Ultra, or sometimes known as WP-100. Unlike the WP-60, this coutertop water flosser features a curvier exterior. An although the reservoir can fill only 650 ml, it is covered. It is smaller, but it is quieter than the previous models.

Looks promising to you? In this review, we unbox the WP-100 and give you what you need to know beyond the product description.

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Waterpik Ultra Key Features and Benefits

waterpik ultra reviewAt a glance, here are the key features of the WP-100. Note that we compared it with the WP-60.

– 10 pressure settings (WP-60 has 6)
– reservoir capacity is 650 ml (WP-60’s is 1000 ml)
– 6 tips are included (WP-60 has only 3)
– 54-inch cord
– tips included are 2 classic jet tips, a pik pocket tip, a plaque seeker tip, an orthodontic tip, and a toothbrush tip

NOTE that the exterior looks similar with the Waterpik Platinum. The only difference is that the Waterpik Platinum has a silver / grey color.

What You Need to Know About the WP-100

For sure, you have some questions about the Waterpik Ultra. Here’s what you need to know about the product.

– You can fill the reservoir with mouthwash. As much as possible, dilute it with water.
– Tips come in four different colors for easy identification.
– Product input is 110v.
– With the tip, the height of the product is approximately 10.25 inches.
– This is not battery-operated. It should be plugged into a socket to work.
– This makes noise. As one consumer says, it’s “not deafeningly loud, but it’s loud.”
– With the bent orientation of the tips, you can easily get to the back teeth.
– You can use warm water, but make sure it’s already lukewarm before you put into the reservoir.
– Attachments are different from previous models. Additional accessories must be specific to the Ultra.

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VIDEO: The Waterpik Ultra in Action

In this video review, the speaker shares what inspired him to get the Waterpik Ultra. He also reviews the product, and gives us all a demonstration on how to use the product.

PROS and CONS of the Ultra

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ultra as reported by consumers themselves.

– cord length of 54 inches is “quite generous”
– doesn’t take up too much countertop space
– reservoir is easy to remove compared with the Interplak
– some say this can be loud, but compared with the Interplak, this is quiet
– you don’t have to adjust to full power to feel the Ultra’s power
– pause button is handy
– several consumers praised the streamlined and “better” design

– contrary to the cord length being “quite generous,” you may still find it “way too short”
– for beginners, it can take time to get things right

Consumer Rating: Should You Buy the Ultra?

The honest answer is yes.

If the high rating given by Amazon consumers is any indication, this product delivers what it promises. It’s relatively cheaper than some Waterpik combo products, yet it has the bells and whistles to improve your dental health.

It also has a smaller footprint, so if you’re looking for a space-conserving unit, considering getting the Waterpik Ultra.

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