Waterpik WP-300 Review (Traveler Water Flosser or WP-250 / Nano)

Waterpik WP-300 Review (Traveler Water Flosser or WP-250 Nano)

Are you a frequent traveler? Don’t forget your water flosser.

There are several brands of portable or battery-powered water flossers that you can take with you, but only a few of them are a good investment. Is the Waterpik WP-300 traveler water flosser one of them? This review will tell you.

In a hurry? Check out the WP-300 from Waterpik here.

What You Should Know About the WP-300 / WP Nano

waterpik WP-300 review

  • The Waterpik WP-300 is also called the Waterpik Nano or Waterpik WP-250. It seems that “WP-250” or “Nano” is more commonly used in the UK, and “WP-300” is more common in the US. There are slight differences, but the key features are the same.
  • When you unbox the package, you should get the following: a premium traveler case, an adapter, 4 tips, and a reservoir that can be inverted.
  • This unit is compact. The dimensions include 7″ tall, 4 1/2″ wide with a depth of 3 1/2″.
  • It is suitable for 220v.

Key features of the product include:

  • global voltage compatibility
  • 3 pressure settings (10 to 80 psi)
  • 60+ seconds reservoir capacity
  • 4 tips (WP-300) or 2 tips (Nano or WP-250)
  • for UK-based users, the Nano can be powered from a shaver socket

Waterpik WP-300 Review – What Consumers Say About this Product

Aside from the high rating, the WP-300 has received generally positive comments from consumers. Here are its pros and cons.


  • Very convenient and easy to pack
  • Small enough to carry when traveling
  • Has dual voltage, so it’s perfect when traveling abroad
  • Small handle, which makes it easy to operate
  • Quiet
  • Some consumers say this flosser has reduced their visits to their dentist.


  • Some consumers wish the wire would be a little bit longer.
  • It takes time to get used to it especially if you’re a beginner; water can splash everywhere

Here are some tips given by consumers.

– If you have sensitive teeth, it’s best to use warm water as cold water can cause pain.
– This machine is quite powerful, so you might want to start with the lowest setting and then gradually increase the pressure.


Bottomline: WP-300 is Small and Compact, Yet Powerful

Based on the feedback given by consumers, it’s clear that the Waterpik WP-300 is a wise investment. It’s compact, yet powerful enough. Its multi-voltage setting makes this product a good travel companion especially if you’re traveling abroad. It’s also small, so storage won’t be a problem.

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