Waterpik WP-450 vs WP-462: Is There a Significant Difference?

Waterpik WP-450 vs WP-462

So… people online want to know the difference between the WP-450 and the WP-462. Both are products of water flosser juggernaut Waterpik, and they’re classified as a portable oral irrigator.

Is there really a significant difference? The answer is NO. The only difference between these two dental irrigators is their color. One is mostly black, and the other is a white-and-gray combo.

Comparison Chart: Waterpik WP-450 vs WP-462

Nevertheless, we’re giving you this chart to further prove that feature-wise, these two Waterpiks are one and the same.

Waterpik Water Flosser
Model Check Price » Waterpik WP-450 Check Price » Waterpik WP-462
Other Name Cordless Plus Water Flosser Black Cordless Plus Water Flosser
Color White Black
Pressure Range 45 To 75 PSI (3.160 To 5.270 Kg/Cm2) 45 To 75 PSI (3.160 To 5.270 Kg/Cm2)
Flow Rate Per Minute 10 Ounces (300 ML) 10 Ounces (300 ML)
Pulses Per Minute 1450 1450
Number Of Pressure Settings 2 2
Included Flosser Tips 4 4
Water On/Off Switch On Handle On/Off Slider On/Off Slider
Chrome Accents
Travel Bag
360 Degree Rotating Tip
Reservoir 7 Ounces (210 ML) 7 Ounces (210 ML)
Flossing Time 45 seconds 45 seconds
Weight 0.74 Lbs (0.337 Kg) 0.74 Lbs (0.337 Kg)
Size 11.65 H x 2.74 W x 3.80 D inches 11.65 H x 2.74 W x 3.80 D inches
Battery Type NiMH NiMH

Key Difference: Color

As you can see in the chart above, the only difference between these two Waterpik portable water flossers is their color, leading the brand to name the WP-462 “Black Waterpik Cordless Plus.”

Here’s another note.

Aside from black and white, the Cordless Plus also comes with two other colors – blue and orchid. The Blue Cordless comes with the WP-463 model number, and the Orchid Cordless is the same as WP-465.

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Our Final Word: Waterpik WP-450 vs WP-462

Which one should you choose? This is a matter of color preference. If you love the black exterior, get the Waterpik WP-462. Otherwise, go with the Waterpik WP-450. If you don’t want either of them, remember, there are two other options – orchid and blue.