Waterpik WP-60 Classic Water Flosser Review

Waterpik WP-60 Classic Water Flosser Review

Why Floss with the Waterpik WP-60?

There’s so much that flossing can do to our dental health. For one, it helps remove cavity-causing bacteria, plaque, and stains by approximately 40%. But between brushing and flossing, gliding a sanitized thread between the spaces of your teeth is probably a once-a-month activity.

Oral healthcare brand Waterpik Inc. knows this and understands the reasons why. The mechanical action involved in flossing is not only time-consuming but also messy. So to address all these flossing woes, the company developed an innovative product called Waterpik Classic Water Flosser (WP-60).

WaterPik WP-60W Water Flosser
WaterPik WP-60W Water Flosser

This product is an innovative flossing machine whose unique working mechanism uses the cleaning power of water to rid the teeth of plaque and other debris.

Each box of the product comes with the following parts and features.

  • three unique tips, color-coded
  • six pressure settings, from 5 to 8 psi
  • a reservoir that holds water for a 90+ second usage
  • an owners manual
  • a quick start guide

See the product in action in the video below.

Advantages of the Waterpik WP-60: Why Buy It?

What are the benefits you can get from the Waterpik Classic Water Flosser (WP-60)?

– 50% more effective than traditional flossing

This product is more effective than your traditional dental floss by about 50%. This claim is supported by laboratory tests whose results show a 90% plaque removal in just 3 seconds, according to the manufacturer’s website.

Many consumers who floss regularly say that they don’t feel totally clean with a string floss. But when they tried this product, they never looked back.

Water Pik Jet Tips
Water Pik Jet Tips

In comparison to a string floss that has limited access below the gum line, the water flosser digs deep into all spaces to remove any trapped food debris and harmful bacteria. Aside from that, the product can effectively flush out bad-breath causing microorganisms that reside between the teeth and above and below the gum line. Some of these microorganisms are gram-positive and -negative bacteria that include Streptococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis.

All these are possible through the water flosser’s three tips designed to accomplish three separate functions. The Classic Jet Tip is designed for general use, the Pik Pocket Tip works on all periodontal pockets, and the Tongue Cleaner scrapes off bacteria from the tongue to make sure you have a cleaner and fresher breath.

– Promotes healthy gums and prevents gum-related diseases

Water jetted from either the jet tips promotes healthier and stronger gums through an effective massaging action. Massaging the gums regularly promotes blood circulation and gives you the following beneficial results: toned gums, healthier gum tissues, and prevention or cure of gum-related diseases such as periodontitis. Consumers who experienced bleeding gums can attest to this.

Aside from those benefits, the product does not damage or irritate your gums and the inside tissues of your cheeks. If the pressure is too much for you, you can control it by sliding the pressure control switch. And because it uses only water, it does not cause any allergic reactions unlike some rubber-based gum massagers.

– Ideal for people with braces

If you’re wearing metal braces, this product is the ideal cleaner for you. As you know, it’s very easy to develop cavities and discoloration of the teeth if cleaning techniques are not properly executed. Brushing has a limited cleaning action, and if you have dental braces, maintaining a good oral hygiene can be challenging.

Thanks to this product, all hard-to-reach places in between the teeth and the braces are freed from even the most stubborn food particles.

Look, the WP-60 also comes in a beautiful white color!

white WP-60 water flosser

What this Product Needs to Improve On

Just like any machine, the Waterpik WP-60 Classic Water Flosser has its limitations.

– Beginners may find it difficult to use it at first

A common complaint among consumers is that it may take a while before you can get the hang of it.

Ideally, the tips must be pointed to the teeth at a 90-degree angle. But some people say that during their first few tries, they couldn’t get this right. As a result, they managed to spray water all over the sink and even gotten themselves wet.

To make sure that you do not have this problem, it’s important to read the quick start guide, which should be in the top of the package. Waterpik recommends that you start with the lowest pressure setting, and then slowly work your way to a higher setting. But before you turn the product on, make sure that the tip is inside your mouth. Once you master these basic procedures, it will take only less than a minute to clean your teeth.

– Too loud it can wake up your sleeping husband

Another disadvantage is that it is loud. Because of this, it must not be used at ten o’clock in the evening.

But inspite of these disadvantages, consumers highly recommend the Waterpik Classic Water Flosser (WP-60). It is convenient, easy-to-use, and provides a fast-cleaning mechanism.